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At our Stewart addiction recovery center in Austin, Texas, our wide range of professionals are fully qualified to assist every client with their rehabilitation needs. Our addiction recovery center in Austin takes great care to ensure that each client who comes to us receives the best care. Not only is the care of high quality and trustworthy standards, it’s the type of care each client needs.


We don’t simply assume all approaches will work for everyone. Instead, our counselors and therapists meet with each one to determine their needs and how best to meet them.

Below, we’ll take you through some of the aspects of our care process, with a focus how our drug rehab centers help all clients procure aftercare, and what it entails. This way, you’ll have guidance and support even after you leave our program.


How We Can Help

Our drug rehab facility in Austin offers a practical drug detox clinic. All clients will be able to meet with fully certified professionals that can properly evaluate their needs. Since different drugs produce different effects, we can work with you to find the detoxifying program that is most useful to you.


Our addiction treatment center in Austin knows that some clients may be feeling particularly vulnerable at this time in their lives; such vulnerability may lead some to be mistrustful or worried about safety and security during their stay. At our drug rehab in Austin, we understand this, and take great care to provide all aspects of security from the physical to the emotional as well.


Clients can rest easily knowing that we are there to walk this road with them, but also to guard their privacy too. Because of this, we encourage all clients to speak openly and honestly with regard to their experiences. All of the information you can give us will let us help you, and accurate information will allow us to recommend the right options for you and your recovery.


While there is a guarantee of confidence, there is no need for any of our clients to feel isolated at our Austin addiction treatment facility. Our staff helps foster a great sense of community among the residents. You’ll be able to meet with people like you. By growing and sharing together, you’ll learn how not only are there others to provide support, but how you can be supportive to others.

We don’t leave you at the exit door. We’re also here to help you with aftercare, which we provide with a variety of methods.


How We Help You with Aftercare Services

In short, aftercare is the umbrella for a combination of services you’ll receive after completing our program. Studying the data, we know that aftercare is highly effective at keeping those in recovery on the right track, greatly reducing the risk of any kind of relapse.


Our addiction recovery facility in Austin facilitates a variety of aftercare services, including:

  • Counseling with Treatment Professionals
  • New Skills
  • Various Coping Strategies
  • 12-Step Programs
  • Group Counseling


12-Step programs and group counseling sessions allow you to continue connecting with others who are still going through the same struggles as yourself. 12-Step programs are typically more general, but local group counseling pairs you with peers who are struggling with addiction, and counselors can help.


Coping skills could include things as emotional regulation, to help you assess the emotional triggers that ordinarily lead you to relapse, and how to combat those triggers to stay on the road to addiction recovery. Sessions help hone in on these skills once learned.


In addition, aftercare is not just about an addiction recovery program. While that is at the core, many offer additional help and benefits such as job placement and social activities to help clients reintegrate into daily life.


Our substance abuse treatment facility in Austin, Texas knows that recovery doesn’t end at the door. It requires time, dedication, and wide network of support and services such as some of those you see above. In many ways it is a lifelong process, and Stewart Recovery provides the best care possible both here and after you leave to make the whole process has helpful and effective as possible.